We've compiled a list of commonly asked questions for your convenience. If you are unable to find the answer to your question, please contact us for further assistance. It's just one more way VM Organic makes it easy to get fresh nuts you'll love.

Follow the 4 steps below:

1. Placing items in the shopping cart:

When you want to buy a product, first add it to the shopping cart. This can be done by clicking the 'Add to shopping cart' button. The selected product is now automatically placed in the shopping cart.

At the top of the screen you see the number of articles in the shopping cart. You can also press 'shopping cart' at any time at the top of the menu to see an overview of all articles that have been placed. You can still adjust the numbers in the overview screen.

When you have finished adding products to the shopping cart, click on the 'Next' button to check out or enter a discount code first.

For orders above € 30.00 we ship the package for free within the Netherlands, above € 60.00 within Belgium and Germany.

2. Log in with your account:

'Log in' with your username and password and the correct details are entered immediately. New customers can order 'without registration' or can register by giving an e-mail and password.

All fields with an '*' are required and necessary to be able to send the order. If all data is displayed correctly, click on 'Next'.

3. Choose the payment method:

Now select the desired payment method, there are several possibilities. See also page payment options.

4. Complete order:

Finally, check whether all data has been entered correctly. Possibly there is still room for a comment.

Check that the "Terms and Conditions" have been approved and read, and confirm the order with the Order button

You are automatically redirected to the chosen payment method. Once the order has been placed correctly, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail with the order number.

If a problem occurs when placing an order, please contact our customer service.

Shipping costs for the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany

Orders with a value above € 30 are sent completely FREE within the Netherlands.

The shipping costs for orders smaller than € 30 are € 4.50. Orders with a value above € 60 will be sent completely FREE within Belgium and Germany. The shipping costs for orders less than € 60 are € 9.50

Is the delivery person in front of a closed door and does your package not fit through the mailbox? Then the courier tries first at the neighbors. Also no one at home? Then he puts a note in the bus with the addressee for a new delivery appointment.

The courier keeps a package that could not be delivered for 5 days. Then it will be returned.

When you place an order through our webshop, you can indicate at which address you want to receive your package. It is therefore possible to have your package delivered to a different delivery address.

VM Organic uses various payment options:


- You pay quickly and safely online via your own bank

- Most used online payment method

  • Mastercard, Maestro or VISA

- Pay via the internet environment of your credit card provider

  • PayPal

Is your order not entirely satisfactory or do you want to cancel it? Then contact us. In case you want to change or cancel your order, we ask you to keep your order number at hand so that we can quickly find your order.

At the VM Organic we find customer satisfaction very important. If you have a question about our products or about our company, you can contact us. For a quick answer, you can contact us by telephone number 0633905286 from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm. It is also possible to send your question via office@vmorganic.nl.

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