Interesting facts about the Brazil nuts

Interesting facts about the Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts, or scientifically called Bertholletia excelsa, are nutritious and delicious nuts that come from a tree in South America which has the same name. The tree is born in the South American countries, including Venezuela, Columbia, Peru and Brazil. It can often be found near the banks of large rivers. It is a huge tree, therefore the Brazil nuts crop is enormous. This nuts are exported mainly from South America and could be found all around the world.

The question is why this nutritious nut became such a phenomena throughout the world? The intensive nutrient content makes these nuts priceless as a healthy food that could successfully improve your health and lower the risk of multiple diseases. The health benefits from eating only 2 Brazil nuts a day could be huge. This dose completely corresponds to the daily need of selenium. Except for that, the nuts give you magnesium that is important for the bones and prevents the calcium from escaping from the bones. It has been proven that the Brazil nuts have anticancer properties – they could stop the development of bad tumours. There are researches showing that these nuts are helpful against men’s infertility as well as against early climax. They help with the fight against cataract, atherosclerosis, of the heart and brain vessels. Moreover, these tasty and beneficial nuts are appropriate for those, suffering from celiac disease (permanent gluten intolerance). The ingredients of the Brazil nut help to reduce the bad cholesterol, as they control the lipids exchange in the organism. This prevents from heart attack and stroke. The selenium is known as the longevity microelement. Thus, the Brazil nuts could help us to keep our youth for longer time. The rich content of selenium in the Brazil nut improves the immune system. It is an extremely healthy food during the winter months when we are prone to fall into depression. The selenium acts magically against depression and bad mood. In the content of the miraculous nut there is a lot of calcium and cuprum that prevent from anaemia and osteoporosis. The large amount of manganese are important for the health of the cartilage tissues.

Brazil nuts oil has multiple applications. You can often find it in the cosmetic products that you use. This oil also applies in the traditional medicine, paint manufacturing, food industry and the therapeutic massages. The oil is characterised with a clear yellow colour and has a fine sweet taste and aroma. It is proved that it soothes the skin and could prevent it from dryness. An interesting fact is that the Brazil nut oil is considered to be the best oil for lubrication of hand watches’ mechanisms.

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