Energy raw bonbons

Energy raw bonbons

The raw bonbons are a wonderful idea, if you want to eat a healthy dessert that will simultaneously give you energy, satisfy your hunger for sweet and to bring pleasure to all your senses with its rich flavour. Moreover, they are made extremely easily; you could even let your children help you. It takes only 20 minutes to prepare them,


The first step from the recipe for the candies without baking is the preparation of the nuts. It is best to soak them in water for several hours, thus the bonbons will become much softer and juicier.

Put the soaked nuts together with the dates and honey in a blender and grind them but not to smooth homogeneous texture. Grind them until the nuts become small pieces, thus the nut pieces will be more sensible in the candies.

From this mixture form the bonbons in the shape and size you want them to be. Cover them with coconut sawdust. Another option is to cover them in cacao.

The recipe for energy raw bonbons is done!

The energy candies are a wonderful idea for a treat, if you have an occasion and you want to give someone homemade bonbons. They are very attractive and well accepted. Be sure that if you make vegan bonbons, they will be very successful and will disappear in no time!

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