Superfood for longevity - Royal Jelly

Superfood for longevity - Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly is a milky white substance. It has a sour taste and aroma, which means that most people will not experience it as very tasty.

Royal Jelly is a secretion of glands in the heads of worker bees. It is rightly called "the superfood of the bee".

The worker larvae receive royal jelly until the third day of their lives. From the fourth day on, only the special larvae, chosen to be the Queen, continues to be fed with Royal Jelly throughout her entire life, while the worker bees are fed with regular honey and pollen. A fascinating discovery is that nutrition is the only distinctive difference between the worker bees and the queen. The bee queen is made, not born. The lifetime of the queen lasts five years, in contrast to the considerably shorter lives of worker bees, on average no longer than 3 months.

This is Mother's Nature's Secret way. Royal Jelly is really a miracle food! Royal Jelly is also very healthy for people.

It contains 11-25% sugar of which 3-13% fructose, 4-8% glucose, 0.5-2% sucrose, 9-18% protein, 2-8% fat, 60-70% water, 1 - 6% 10-hydroxy decanoic acid from the Mandible glands and B1, B2, B6, B3, B5, B8, B11 and B12 vitamins. In the jelly can be found 30 different essential amino acids, minerals, trace elements, enzymes, hormones (natural estradiol and testosterone) and antibacterial substances. The pH value of royal jelly 3.4 - 4.5.

High quality Royal Jelly from VM Organic has many healthy properties.

Royal Jelly is recommended for:

  • Vitamin, amino acids and minerals deficiencies in the body
  • Pregnant women (especially in the first months of the pregnancy)
  • Temporary (over) fatigue
  • Heavy mental or physical exertion
  • Athletic performance
  • Stomach, liver and digestive disorders
  • Concentration disorders
  • Stress
  • Insomnia
  • Depressions
  • Age-related ailments, such as memory weakness
  • Decreased appetite
  • Weight disruption
  • Certain skin problems
  • Mild anemia
  • It also has a stimulating effect on sexual functions.

It is certainly no coincidence that worker bees are infertile while queen bees can lay up to 2,000 eggs per day for the life of their extended 4 to 6 years. This is because Royal Jelly promotes estrogen production, thereby stabilizing menstrual cycles in women, improving sperm morphology in men, and also increasing libido in both genders.

Although Royal Jelly is best known as a health supplement, it is often used in skin care products because it contains DNA and gelatin, two ingredients that support collagen production (and therefore anti-aging activity).

Adopting Royal Jelly is very simple. Liquid Royal Jelly is taken orally. It is good to be premixed with honey in a ratio of 1: 100, i. 1 ml of jelly per 100 grams of honey. Accepted 1 teaspoon for children and 2 teaspoons for adults, morning and evening, one hour before meal.

Another way to take the natural Royal Jelly is to put it under the tongue - 10 drops for adults and 3-6 drops for children, morning and evening, about an hour before meals.

The wrong way to take it is to mix it with warm foods that denature enzymes and reduce the health benefits of the supplement.

Do not use measuring vessels and spoons of metal because the properties of the jelly change.

To achieve a special healing effect, it is recommended to take raw royal jelly for 30-90 days, followed by 10-30 days of rest.

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