What is the Goji berry and what is useful for

What is the Goji berry and what is useful for

The little red fruits, originating from Asia, are an irreplaceable source of healthy nutrients and healing ingredients – a real superfood! The fruits of the tree Licium Barbarum are consumed by millions of people due to multiple reasons – treatment, energy provision, stimulation of the immune system and weight reduction. However, there is no universal recipe telling how exactly to consume them.

Why should we start eating the red fruits?

Absolutely every person could find a reason for himself/herself to ask for help the Tibetan strawberry, as the sweet red seeds are called. The regular consumption of 50g dried fruits daily could help you relieve the chronic fatigue and provide you with energy to cope even with the hardest tasks. The often illness or bacterial infections are also a reason to start eating the dried fruit.

The Goji berries are extremely healthy due to their unique biochemical content. The content of vitamin C in 100g fresh or dried Goji berries is higher than in any other type of food we know. The same holds for the carotenoids and fibres. The mature fruits, even dried, contain 15 times more iron than the iron that is measured in the spinach. There are also some other valuable minerals such as calcium, zinc and selenium and over 20 microelements with multiple nutritious and healing properties.

Goji berry for weight loss.

The Goji berry and its ability to reduce weight are getting more and more popular. To be honest, we will tell you that you will not lose the excess kilograms by only eating the red dried fruits but you will improve the process of fat burning, if you add Goji berry to your diet.

The Goji berry fruits give enormous amounts of energy due to their high nutritious value. This would make even the strictest diet less aggressive and less exhausting for the organism, at the same time having enough energy for physical workouts, without which the weight loss would be impossible.

The high levels of proteins in the dried fruits are suitable for every diet. The proteins, on one hand, maintain the tone of the muscles and prevent from loss of muscle mass. On the other hand, they help the fat burning process. The large amount of fibres eases the cleansing of the intestines and thus decreases the bloating of the abdomen and stimulates the complete absorption of the food. All these healthy effects make the weight loss possible. We recommend you to choose a long-term weight reduction program because although the Tibetan strawberry does have some wonderful properties, it could not transform you overnight.

How much Goji berry to consume and how to consume it?

The recommended daily dose is from 30g to 50g and it is best if you distribute it to several small doses throughout the day. Due to the fact that fresh Goji berries are hard to find, the dried variation is the one for which the recommended dose applies. If you decide to consume Goji berry once per day, then it is best if you include them in your breakfast in order to get the energy, required for the whole day, and you are not going to hinder the work of your stomach, if you choose the evening consumption of the berries.

As far as the way of consumption is concerned, you are free to choose it! You could take a handful of dried berries or combine it with healthy nuts, seeds, fruits and cereals. Goji berry could be added in meals and salads but it should not be heated if it is dry. You could also soak the berries in water and allow them to swell and soften before you consume them. You could also drink the water afterwards.

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